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As technology keeps rapidly evolving, one major challenge to the graphic and technical implementation of websites is finding the right balance between delivering a positive user experience and finding a form of presentation that can easily be read by search engines. The IT experts at artaxo support you with technical SEO solutions and are always fully informed of current market developments. Layout can often tip the balance for website visitors who are deciding whether to stay or leave, and lays the groundwork for every positive experience a user has on your web presence. A website’s technical (SEO) foundation strongly informs the site’s structure and therefore requires particular preparation and attention. Our IT specialists home in on this very area. They will advise you on the concept and development of your personal web project. When it comes to implementing the recommendations that emerge from our SEO consultancy, high-end special technical analyses or specifically tailored monitoring solutions, you can absolutely rely on the IT and graphic expertise our specialists offer.

Referenzen der artaxo GmbH

Thanks to the motivated and helpful experts at artaxo, we were able to learn how to optimize our SERP ranking.

Tim Köster, Manager of Online & Mobile Research, MW Research

The consulting team and artaxo’s CEO, Patrick Klingberg, have plenty of knowledge to pass on. Patrick Klingberg was an excellent speaker at the Online Marketing Camp.

Franziska Divis, Market Development Manager, Intel

I enjoy working with artaxo because they are extremely reliable and professional.

Philipp Westermeyer, founder of Online Marketing Rockstars

The seminars held by artaxo are always a complete success. The talks are presented in a way that makes them easy to understand. We have already been able to apply what we have learned in practice. The seminars also provide a great atmosphere and take place in an attractive location. This is a really fun way to learn!

Tobias Ilg, online editor for the Webfox Agency

A search engine optimized website is essential to the success of any online campaign. Thanks to our cooperation with artaxo, we are able to offer our customers the necessary web traffic to go with our brand awareness campaigns.

Dominik Exposito y Ballesteros, Head of Digital at Scholz & Friends in Hamburg

I am very happy to recommend Patrick Klingberg and his work at artaxo as being amongst the very best in the field.

Michael Remke, Foreign Correspondent, Axel Springer

artaxo is well known for the interesting lectures given by Patrick Klingberg at the Hamburg Media School.

Daniel Szesniak, SEO & social media manager at the magazine publisher Heise Zeitschriften Verlag

We were looking for an expert service provider to help us with the search engine optimization of our web shop. The structured on-page analysis provided by artaxo enabled us to tackle our weak points and expand areas of potential in a targeted way.

We heard an inspirational and informative presentation on the topic of link baiting with highly instructive practical examples. This was an extremely rewarding experience for me. Jola-Linn Ohlendorf provided the participants with an excellent introduction to the theme. She presented various types of link baits and showed us different types of content as well as the best ways to create it.

Carolin Nax, Aufgesang Inbound Marketing GmbH

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